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HIH Princess Takamado and her Tupilak collection at the Embassy

27.02.2017  06:18

On Friday, the Royal Danish Embassy received a beautiful collection of Tupilaks from Greenland. The collection is on long-term loan by HIH Princess Takamado who, together with her late husband in 1996 paid an official visit to Greenland.

On Friday, the Royal Danish Embassy held a small reception in the honour of HIH Princess Takamado’s generous long-term loan to the Embassy.

In 1996, HIH Princess Takamado and her late husband, HIH Prince Takamado, travelled to Denmark and Greenland. During their visit in Greenland, the royal couple bought a beautiful collection of Tupilaks when in Greenland and received two seal skin coats from the prime minister at the time, Lars Emil Johansen.

HIH Princess Takamado decided to donate the Tupilak collection to the Embassy because she felt it would do the collection more justice to be exhibited here. It seemed for her to as the right choice since Greenland is such a big part of the Kingdom of Denmark.

The Tupilaks will be exhibited at the Embassy, where invitees will have a chance to look at the intriguing figures. Tupilaks have been used in Greenland as a way to capture ancestors’ souls and use them against one’s enemy. Now the Tupilaks are mostly used as souvenirs. The characters are carved out of bone and tooth and resemble grotesque figures looking terrifying and frightening.