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The Minister for Culture visits Wakayama-prefecture

10.02.2017  07:07

On February 10th 1957, the Danish sailor Johannes Knudsen drowned in an attempt to save a shipwrecked sailor, who sadly drowned as well. Knudsen, however, has since become a local hero in Wakayama and today marks the 60 years anniversary for his sacrifice. This was celebrated in Wakayma with a beautiful memorial ceremony held by the government of Wakayma at the Johannes KnudsenMemorial in Hinomasaki Park, where the Danish Minister for Culture, Mette Bock, attended and paid her respect by offering flowers.

Later, the minister and Japan Branch president of Maersk Line A/S, Jørgen Harling, presented Certificates of Appreciation to both the Johannes Knudsen Honouring Association and the Community of Takui, Hidaka Town in Wakayama Prefecture for their dedication to the preservation of Knudsen’s memory.

The Johannes Knudsen Honouring Association established the memorial site in 1957, raised a bust of Knudsen in 1962 and has since 1958 held annual memorial services on February 10th. The Community of Takui, Hidaka Town in Wakayama Prefecture offers flowers to the memorial monument every five days in summer and every tenth days in winter and is responsible for the maintenance of the memorial.