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Danish Minister for Culture visits popular art-island

10.02.2017  01:19

As a part of her visit to Japan, Danish Minister for Culture, Mette Bock, visited Naoshima Island in Okayama province. The Island is famous for its way of showcasing contemporary art in a new way by incorporating the whole island as a museum.

The minister visited Chichu Art Museum. Chichu Art Museum literally translates to “The Underground Art Museum”, as it is almost entirely underground except for two big courtyards, that open up to the sky.
Earlier, Naoshima served as a landfill for industrial waste but has been transformed and is now the prime destination for art lovers across the world. Fukutake Foundations supports the art-site and the Danish Minister for Culture was shown around on Naoshima by representatives from the foundation and by 150 years anniversary Goodwill ambassador and renowned architect Hiroshi Sambuichi.

The minister was accompanied on her visit by the Danish ambassador to Japan, Freddy Svane.