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7 days to go - Denmark Open day "The art of Hygge"

02.10.2018  03:48

Now only 7 days to go for Denmark Open day “The Art of Hygge”. 
We will open the Royal Danish Embassy as Denmark Open Day “The Art of Hygge” on October 7 and 8, 2018 to an invited group of guests and to people joning Sarugaku Matsuri. We aim for 20,000 guests for the Sunday and Monday events. The guests will be able to experience hygge as a heart-warming lesson from Denmark surrounded by masterpieces within the field of Danish design andv furniture.

We have 15 Danish companies as a official sponsors:

                              Company:                      Activity:          

1) Attraction        Hummel                        “Get Goal”  - Handball game.
2) Attraction        Lego                               LEGO Bricks 60 years anniversary exhibition
                                                                      and building activities by using LEGO bricks.
3) Exhibition        VisitDenmark               Hugge Photo museum
4) Exhibition        Phase One                    Photo display
5) Exhibition        Royal Furniture            Collection Lighting display
6) Exhibition        By Denmark                 Ornament, small items, Games
7) Workshop        Ecco                               Handcraft Leather work shop
8) Attraction        Scandinavian Air line   Exhibition and small game
9) Exhibition        Royal Greenland          Exhibition / Sampling
10) Food Beer      Carlsberg                      Selling beer
11) Food Beer      Peters’ kitchen             Selling Hot dogs 
12) Food Beer      Mikeller                         Selling beer 
13) Market tent   Scanpan                         Selling household goods/ Sampling
14) Market tent   Kopenhagen Fur          Selling fur small items
15) Market tent   The Brew Company     Selling Herb tea/ Coffee
○Exhibition            DCCJ
○Exhibition                                                  Hygge photo voting corner

We are looking forwad to see you soon!  

Event Denmark Open days  “Art of Hygge”

Held period 7th of October 2018 (Sunday)  10:00~18:00
                     8th of October 2018 (Monday)  10:00~18:00

Location: At the Danish Ambassador’s residence

Admission Free

For Food & beverage ticket:    (1000 JPY= 2 tickets)
One ticket can be exchanged one cup of Beer or one Danish Hotdog. 

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