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The Danish Crown Prince Speaks at Seminar about the Arctic

26.03.2015  09:08

The Crown Prince at Arctic Seminar

T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple of Denmark attended a seminar the Challenges and opportunities in the Arctic region. Among the 130 participants were ministers, members of Parliament, government officials, researchers, scientists, and business representatives.

The keynote speech was given by Greenlandic Premier, Mr. Kim Kielsen. Mr. Kielsen called for greater cooperation between Greenland and Japan.

Several prominent Japanese speakers, most notable, Ms. Eriko Yamatani, Minister in charge of Ocean Policy spoke at the seminar as well.

The Danish Crown Prince highlighted Japan’s crucial role in the future of the Arctic region:  “Japan is the world’s third largest economy and it is a major maritime nation. Japan has extensive experience from the Antarctic, and this knowledge from the South Pole can definitely also be useful in the North.” 

The Danish Royal Family has close ties with Greenland, and the Crown Prince has visited the country many times: “Greenland is a wonderful place and it amazes everybody who goes there. I know, because I have spent a lot of time in Greenland.”

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