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Denmark and Japan Seeks TeleHealth Solutions

07.06.2018  04:23

Let’s Discuss Telemedicine – STI Roundtable – DK-JPN Economic Diplomacy. June 2018

Let’s Discuss Telemedicine – Expanding on strategic partnership on growth and innovation between Denmark and Japan, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs co-hosted a STI Event with the University of Tokyo, further substantiating  science, technology and innovation cooperation around ‘How Telemedicine can Change Future Healthcare’.

Building a platform for telehealth innovation

Chaired by Professor Dinesen, Department of Health Science and Technology, Faculty of Medicine, Aalborg University in Denmark, the STI roundtable offered expert learnings from disciplines like medicine, dentistry, nursing, engineering and computer sciences.

The aim was to share learnings and explore bilateral partnerships between leading national research institutions and commercial developers, to create innovative telehealth technologies applicable to health services that can lead to scalable and sustainable solutions.

Denmark – a telehealth nation

Denmark is recognized as a telehealth nation, and has been working strategically with telehealth and connected care, why the Japanese health authorities and health technology developers are keen to learn about the pioneering Danish approach to national implementation of telehealth.

Expanding on the regional and national telehealth programs, the Government of Denmark presented the Digital Health Strategy 2018-2020, to further advance small- and large-scale telehealth projects carried out across the Danish healthcare sector.

Denmark and Japan share a platform for collaboration

Investment in telehealth and smart use of new health technologies require supportive policy, innovative and commercial environments, an approach instilled in the strategic partnership between Denmark and Japan.

Healthcare Vision: Denmark and Japan aim to achieve a responsive and informed health service, enabling more tasks to be performed close to the patient in a personalized and coherent manner.

Strategic Cooperation: Denmark and Japan has operationalised a Memorandum of Cooperation in Health, focussing on collaboration within regulatory sciences and healthcare innovation, and telehealth development and implementation is an important policy priority by both national governments.

Telehealth development and Implementation: Denmark and Japan has the foundation to continue digitalizing the health system. The STI roundtable provided the platform to substantiate telehealth cooperation, and more importantly, facilitated concrete initiatives for science, technology and innovation cooperation, exemplified by expert input on:

  • Farmeworks for national implementation
  • Decentralised data sharing
  • Disease area specific treatment and care coordination
  • Home monitoring and telenursing
  • Rehabilitation and caregiver support
  • Distant oral hygiene and dentistry

Concluding on the STI roundtable Let’s Discuss Telemedicine, key considerations for successful Danish-Japanese telehealth cooperation included:

  1. For government – Share experience on governance and legislation providing needed infrastructure and incentives for telehealth
  2. For academia and research – Structure collaboration consortia and research networks for new telehealth solution development and testing
  3. For industry – public-private participation programs organising for demonstration pilots and testing of telehealth products in healthcare provider settings

A special thank you and appreciation to the STI roundtable participants, in particular expert input from Japan’s Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Juntendo Hospital, St Luke’s International Hospital, Tokyo Women’s Medical University, University of Tokyo, HiSC, Tatsuoka Corporation - Medical & Social Welfare, Denmark’s Test and Development Center for Welfare Technology, and Aalborg University.

Continuing the strategic partnership and execution of Memorandum of Cooperation in Health between Denmark and Japan, the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs will undertake a series of collaborative initiatives to develop infrastructures capable of supporting the coordination of care across the entire health sector, including telehealth.

By Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Economic Diplomacy in Health, Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan


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