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Danish Minister of Foreign Affairs on the situation in Burkina Faso 

17.09.2015  22:38

The military in Burkina Faso has today carried out a military coup as the interim government has been dissolved and a National Democratic Council has been established. The development takes place in a situation, where the interim government was preparing the organization of free and fair presidential- and parliamentary elections on October 11. The elections would have established Burkina Faso as a democratic pioneer in Africa after the interim government took office following the popular but relatively peaceful uprising in November 2014 against Blaise Compaoré who had been in power for 27 years.
Burkina Faso is an important partner to Denmark in West Africa. Denmark has a long-term development cooperation with Burkina Faso going back to 1973.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs Kristian Jensen states:
“The situation in Burkina Faso is very worrying. I firmly condemn the military coup putting the transition process and the road to free and fair elections in danger. I urge to ensure that the preparation process for the elections in October is resumed as soon as possible. Last but not least it is important that persons detained are released without delay. All attempts to remove the interim government from power as well as to threaten peace and security in Burkina Faso should be condemned by the entire international community.
We are following the situation closely, and concurrently herewith we will assess whether the situation might imply changes in the Danish and European engagement.
Democracy in Burkina Faso is important for stability in the country and within the broader Sahel-region. Stability in the Sahel-region is important for Europe and for Denmark. We have many challenges in common – including irregular migration, organized crime and extremism . Only a democratic and stable Burkina Faso can assist in surmounting our joint challenges. “

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