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Press release: Danish Crown Prince Couple Takes Part in Greenland Promotion In Japan

06.02.2015  15:03

Crown Prince Couple 

The objective of the visit is to heighten awareness about Greenland, Greenlandic culture and Greenlandic products in Japan, as well as to increase Japanese people's knowledge about opportunities that lies in Greenland and the Arctic region. Climate changes and the growing international interest in the arctic region have also created an increased interest for the Arctic and Greenland in Japan, and last year Japan became a permanent observer in the Arctic Council.

The visit will among other things focus on reinforcing and increasing the existing Greenlandic export of seafood to Japan benefitting economic growth in Greenland. Promoting the use of sealskin in the Japanese fashion industry will play a key role in the visit, and will take its point of departure in the tale about a sustainable Greenlandic hunting culture. Japanese tourism in Greenland will also be a focus of the visit.

The Danish Crown Prince Couple will furthermore open an exhibition in Tokyo about Greenlandic culture, where the Imperial family is expected to be represented. The exhibition includes a collection of Greenlandic tupilaqs, owned by the Japanese Imperial Family, which has never been publicly showcased before, as well as a collection of Greenlandic masks from H.R.H. the Prince Consort of Denmark's personal collection of Greenlandic artefacts. The exhibition will also feature a number of modern aquarelle paintings featuring tales from the history of Greenland by artist Nuka K. Godtfredsen, also published in a book edition in Japanese. Additionally, a full-size igloo will be constructed in front of the exhibition venue.

The visit is arranged by the Danish Royal Embassy in Tokyo in collaboration with the Greenlandic self-government authorities. 

Crown Prince Couple

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