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The Danish Crown Prince Couple Talk Anti-bullying with Field Experts and Japanese Children

26.03.2015  08:57

The Crown Prince couple talk with Professor Ogi

T.R.H. the Crown Prince Couple met with the president of the anti-bullying NGO Ijime kara kodomo wo mamoro, Kazuaki Izawa, and Professor Naoki Ogi from Hosei University, an expert within the field of adolescent and bullying, to talk about how to prevent bullying. Present were also seven Japanese high school students, who shared their personal experience with bullying.

The Danish Crown Princess heads a foundation – the Mary Foundation – that has been working to prevent bullying in Denmark and in Greenland. H.R.H. is known for her social engagement and for taking an active role in securing the well-being of children, in Denmark as well as in other countries, and she is the patron of several social organizations within the field. The Crown Prince Couple has four children, and the two oldest are attending public elementary school in Denmark.

The Crown Prince Couple with children

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