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Embassy closing days

The Embassy is open on all weekdays.

The Embassy is closed on Friday 23 February 2018.

The Embassy office hours end at 13:00 on 7 December 2018.

In addition, the Embassy is closed for consular services* on the following days in 2018:

Monday 1 January - New Year's Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 8 January - Coming of Age Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 12 February - National Foundation Day (Japanese holiday)
Wednesday 21 March - Spring Equinox (Japanese holiday)
Monday 30 April - Shōwa Day (Japanese holiday)
Thursday 3 May - Constitution Memorial Day (Japanese holiday)
Friday 4 May - Greenery Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 16 July - Sea Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 17 September - Respect for the Aged Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 24 September - Autumn Equinox (Japanese holiday)
Monday 8 October - Sports Day (Japanese holiday)
Friday 23 November - Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japanese holiday)
Monday 24 December - Emperor's Birthday (Japanese holiday)

(The list is subject to additions without prior notification.)

*Consular services are citizen services, including passport, visa, residence permits, certificates as well as personal assistance.

Please note that all personal appearance at the Embassy requires prior appointment. Please see the individual topics pages how to make an appointment.