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New Task Force to assist Danish companies in optimal gain of the EU-Japan Free trade Agreement

09.03.2018  06:18


The World’s biggest Economic Partnership Agreement ever covering 1/3 of the Worlds GDP between the EU and Japan is expected to enter into force early 2019. Experiences from the past shows, that it is crucial to secure full transparency to make the gains. The Danish Embassy in Tokyo sets up a Task Force and encourage companies, organizations and other authorities interested in export to Japan to join.

The purpose of the Task Force is:

  • to create the best possible platform for Danish companies to fully utilize the new opportunities immediately after the agreement enters into force
  • to ensure the highest possible transparency from the beginning and avoid surprises
  • to ensure that the experiences from the EU-Korea agreement is applied to the utmost
  • to create a framework where companies, organizations and authorities can ask questions, exchange knowledge and get concrete answers.

Four phases
Phase 1: Now, everyone looks into the details of the agreement and companies/organizations can read the sections relevant for their products.
Phase 2: Questions about the content and phasing-in are gathered by the Embassy and if necessary addressed to relevant authorities. Danish strongholds such as food, pharmaceuticals and maritime are already in focus, but other sectors that can benefit significantly from the agreement should also be assessed.
Phase 3: Targeted information material aimed towards companies will be made, briefly describing the opportunities in the agreement.
Phase 4: Right before the EPA agreement enters into force, the Task Force decides whether there is a need to continue the work/information exchange.

The task force must work focused and to-the-point. Therefore, the specific work with the agreement can be divided into a number of tracks such as a food track, a pharma track, and a track covering services. The embassy will coordinate the necessary knowledge sharing.

Read more about the Task Force here (Danish)

Click for a videoclip with Ambassador Freddy Svane about the EPA Task Force (Danish)

Embassy contacts:
Thomas Højlund Christensen
Lene Mølsted Jensen