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A Day of Unity and Partnership in Health

05.07.2018  07:09

DK-JPN Health Partnership meeting with MHLW and PMDA – July 2018

We prosper better through partnership than when divided. Addressing new solutions to societal health challenges, necessitates coordinated participation around a united vision of prosperity through innovations in health. The Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo hosted the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), as well as the Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Agency (PMDA) to discuss health as a resource.

Denmark and Japan has introduced ambitious pro-innovation strategies to improve population health, grow the economy and expand international leadership in health and life sciences.

Responding to aging populations and costs associated with the increased use of health and social services, Denmark and Japan has entered into bilateral strategic sector partnership, collaborating to turn the tide and link economic growth with innovations in health.

Both Denmark and Japan offer model societies for the future organisation and delivery of health and social care, with Denmark’s integrated population-based health data utilisation, and Japan’s experience as an aging society. Uniting on health innovation can help both societies, and the world, by contributing with examples on how the demographic transition and increases in health and social care expenses can be addressed by innovation partnerships on the most significant modifiable drivers of health supporting better patient, economic and societal outcomes.

The strategic partnership is part of the Danish Government’s Growth Plan for Life Science and focusses on commercially oriented government cooperation identify opportunities for collaboration providing most benefit and value to patients, society and businesses.

By Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Economic Diplomacy in Health, Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan