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Going to Denmark?

Where to find information when applying for residence permits and visas to Denmark

Busy season: Make appointment at least 1 month in advance.

Due to a very large number of applicants coming to the Embassy in May, June and July, applicants should expect much longer reply times when booking appointments for applications. When applying during this period, applicants must book application appointments at least 1 month in advance of their desired appointment date.

Residence permits: All information can be found online. Only contact Embassy for appointment.

All information about rules, regulations, fees, application forms or which documentation to submit with the application, can be found on the website of the Danish immigration authorities. Applicants who are in doubt about the rules should contact their inviting party in Denmark or contact the immigration authorities directly. Please beware that e-mail response time from the immigration authorities can be very long, so in urgent cases, the applicant or the inviting party may want to make a phone call to the immigration authorities.

Schengen visas: All information can be found online. Only contact Embassy for appointment.

All the information necessary for visa application is available on this webpage and sub-pages. Please read the information carefully.

Some supporting information about the visa rules, among others the legal basis, is also avaliable on the website of the Danish immigration authorities. Please note, however, that the Embassy in Tokyo only accepts the online application form found on the Visa Self Service website, and NOT the manual paper form which is available on the website of the Danish immigration authorities.

If you are in doubt about something, despite having read the entire information available, e-mail inquiries must contain a reference to the specific rule or rules which are unclear to you. The Embassy cannot reply if the e-mail inquiry does not contain such a reference.


The Embassy receives applications for residence permits and for Schengen visa only by prior appointment. Appointment must be made minimum one week (7 calendar days) before the desired appointment date and minimum 2 weeks during busy seasons. For details how to apply, please choose the category that fits your situation in the menu.

Please note that all inquiries about information which is already available on the Embassy website or the website of the immigration authorities, will be requested to read the information on the two websites.




Warning about unauthorised guidelines

The Embassy is aware that there are other organizations which provide online information about how to apply for visas and residence permits at the Danish Embassy in Tokyo. None of those guidelines are authorised. The Embassy strongly recommends only to use the application procedures provided on this website and the website of the Danish immigration authorities. The Embassy cannot reply to inquiries based on guidelines provided by unauthorised guidelines. Additionally, the Embassy cannot take responsibility for any problems arising from following unauthorised guidelines.