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Going to Denmark to WORK or STUDY?

All foreign nationals need a residence permit to stay in Denmark for more than 90 days. Citizens of the EU/EEA countries, Switzerland or the Nordic countries can reside in Denmark according to special regulations.


Busy season: Make appointment at least one month in advance.

Due to a very large number of applicants coming to the Embassy in May, June and July, applicants should expect much longer reply times when booking appointments for applications. When applying during this period, applicants must book application appointments at least one month in advance of their desired appointment date.

This guideline concerns the following: 

The below procedure concerns applications for: Work-related activities, Interns, Trainees, Au-pair and accompanying family members of any of these categories. If you travel to Denmark to join family members who already live in Denmark you must apply under the rules for Family Reunification.

The information on this page concerns how an application is submitted to the Embassy. For details concerning the application criteria, consult the website of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment or contact the agency directly.

The application procedure for residence permits is found here


Special rules for stay in Denmark under 90 Days:

If you plan to stay in Denmark for under 90 days, some types of unpaid work-related activities can be performed without a work permit. Read more about the rules for work-related activities for stays under 90 days on the website of the Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment.

All questions regarding which category to apply in, and whether you need a work permit, must be directed to The Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment. Be aware that even if you do not need work permit, you will still need a visa if you are not visa exempt to Denmark. Japanese citizens are visa exempt to Denmark.