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Research and Innovation

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  • 世界の企業、人材、投資家、科学技術を呼び込む
  • 食品セクターにおけるイノベーションを促す
  • 知識の共有と協力を支援する
  • クラスターのブランドを確立し、メンバーの知名度を国内外で向上させる


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Powering the developments within the Danish food and agriculture sectors is also the Danish universities and many outstanding research and innovation facilities.

Recognising the importance of food and agricultural production today and into the future, both the Danish government and the industry itself are continually investing significant sums in research and innovation within the food and agricultural sectors.

Key focus areas are: veterinary safety, food safety and hygiene, sustainability and production optimisation, spanning from knowledge generation and sharing to the development of sophisticated control system and to the development of innovative green technologies and food and feed ingredients.

Significant resources are also invested in the development of new methods for dealing with global challenges such as environmental management, sustainable energy production, food waste reduction and not least the challenge of feeding an ever growing global population.

This research is led by the top Danish universities but in close collaboration with the Danish food and agriculture industry and the Danish authorities.

As the most recent addition, the Danish Food Cluster established in December 2013 is a new cluster organisation, initiated by the Danish food industry and now covering approximately 75% of the total industry turnover with more than 120 members, including five universities and all of the major Danish food industry organisations.

The aim of the Danish Food Cluster is to maximize the potential for global growth in the food sector by:

  • attracting international business, talents, investors and science
  • facilitating innovation in the food sector
  • supporting knowledge sharing and cooperation
  • branding the cluster and creating visibility for members nationally, as well as internationally

To learn more about research and innovation in the Danish food and agricultural sector, please visit the links to the right as well as the “Danish Exporters – Agribusiness and Food Processing” section of this portal.