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Danish Design DNA for a Japan Healthy at Work

27.02.2019  05:21

Design for shaping better health. Royal Danish Embassy, Feb. 25, 2019

Denmark and Japan discuss design-based approaches to improve productivity and employment wellbeing, setting the directional travel for an overhaul of employers and policymakers shared social responsibility and contribution to public health.

The Royal Danish Embassy, the Danish Design Centre, +Halle, Steppie and Japanese stakeholders, including Workmill magazine collaborates on immersing Danish Design DNA in Japanese business, health and social innovation, to create solutions to our most urgent commercial, welfare and societal challenges.

Kicking-off the 2019 series of health-oriented events using design-thinking, Denmark and Japan explore Japanese work environment challenges, and how public-private service design cooperation can contribute to solving current and future social-welfare challenges, including a rapidly aging population, a decline in the labour force, and growing expectations of public service.

The event presented design research and cases, sharing experiences from immersing design thinking to achieve health promoting work environments, increased productivity and employee welfare. Mr. Bason, CEO of Danish Design Centre presented the framework and purpose-based design, referencing future scenarios that Danish Design Centre have created for health care, and illustrated how the Danish Design DNA is key to shaping the products and services of tomorrow’s workplace.

One example was alternative model societies, creating physical and tangible space for empathy, encouraging colleagues and peers to connect emotionally and evoke a sense of belonging and understanding, positively affecting working environment wellbeing and productivity.

The event was the second in our bilateral series of DK-JPN cooperation on design and prosperity, shaping social welfare in union with corporate welfare. See also Life Design for Quality of Life

Danish Design DNA for a Japan Healthy at Work, February 25th 2019. Tokyo, Japan 

Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Economic Diplomacy in Health, Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan