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Horizons for Personalized Health - New Telehealth and Telerehabilitation Technologies in Japan & Denmark

11.04.2019  07:42

Speaker Panel - DK-JPN Health Network on TeleHealth Aspects for Public Welfare

Denmark and Japan has established a strategic partnership on economic growth through innovation in health. Digitalisation and telehealth technologies plays an increasingly important role in achieving better treatment delivery and outcomes, contributing to making healthcare systems more efficient and improve patient safety and treatment quality.

The bilateral cooperation program continues to deliver expert visit programs; joint clinical and technology research collaborations, and locations of institutional and commercial organisations immersed in Denmark’s knowledge environments.

By establishing the JD TeleTech Network, Japan and Denmark cooperate strategically, kicking-off the journey last year, by operationalising outcomes of a bilateral Science-Technology-Innovation Roundtable on telehealth and rehabilitation. On this second occasion, 40+ organisations representing authorities, academia, research institutions and commercial developers joined to discuss the most promising and successful tele¬health concepts – along with the potential or documented gains for the patients as well as the healthcare system as a whole.

Key themes were organised around the benefit provided by digitalization and telehealth:

  • Patient-driven design: Empowerment and participation in own treatment choice and care management through digitalized technologies. Health service delivery and care continuation closer to home
  • Living-lab testing: Immerse digital and telehealth technologies in real world health and social welfare settings, ensuring earlier technology adoption and service user feedback
  • Therapy area optimisation: Establish the value of digitalization and telehealth readily supporting clinical treatment and care continuum optimisation and guidance through integrated telehealth solutions in municipality settings

The meeting facilitated an evidence and needs-based discussion of programs for new products, methods, and solutions for diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation purposes, as well as suggesting research coalitions and agenda for the First Annual Danish-Japanese Welfare Technologies Summit in June, hosted at the Department of Health Science and Technologies, Aalborg University, Denmark.

Meeting outcome included agenda setting recommendations – From Idea to Public Welfare

  • Stakeholders: Participant commitment linking science, technology and projects to help socialise promising technologies and realise project value internationally.
  • Coalitions: Leverage established platform for bilateral technical, therapy area and welfare program development and commercialisation through JD TeleTech Network
  • Operationalisation: Formalise networks of knowledge environments for evidence generation and demonstration pilots, by establishing hub / centre of excellence structures in real world settings, building local capabilities through integration and participation by local hospitals and care homes closer to the service provider and user.

The event was the second bilateral meeting in the series of DK-JPN cooperation on TeleHealth and Rehabilitation, shaping the role of digitalisation in healthcare delivery for better citizen health and participation in own treatment and care management. See also Denmark and Japan Seeks TeleHealth Solutions

For more info on 1st Annual Danish-Japanese Welfare Technologies Summit in June, please contact Professor Birthe Dinesen

Thank you to colleague Rumi Iida, for co-organising, and to our key note speakers from Aalborg University; Aalborg Municipality; Skive Municipality; the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW); Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communication (MIC); Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI); Japan Agency of Medical Research and Development (AMED); Soto-bo Child Clinic; Tatsuoka Social Welfare Corporation; Future Corporation; and University of Tokyo.

More info on Economic Diplomacy in Health: Denmark and Japan are committed to cooperate on economic growth through innovation in health care, addressing the changing socio-demographics and increased use of health and social services, by identifying, prioritising and developing capabilities and efficiencies in education, public-private cooperation, and product development, with the aim of expediting access to quality products and solutions for better quality of life and societal prosperity.

Horizons for Personalized Health - New Telehealth and Telerehabilitation Technologies in Japan & Denmark, April 10th 2019. Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Joakim Steen Barron-Mikkelsen, Economic Diplomacy in Health, Royal Danish Embassy, Tokyo, Japan