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For years nature lovers and adventurists have flocked to Greenland to experience the spectacular sceneries. However, few people have travelled to the land up north to chase culinary experiences.
In recent years food lovers everywhere have discovered the qualities of the Greenlandic kitchen. The isolated location and the climatic conditions provide ideal living conditions for many animals and plants that are high in vitamins and minerals and renowned for their fine taste. Reindeer and musk ox. Newly caught fish and prawns. Seaweed from the deep, cold sea. The fjords and the surrounding mountains are impressive buffets of fresh ingredients and make Greenland a gastronomic paradise.

In 2009 the Greenlandic gourmet restaurant Ulo in Ilulissat received an honorary award for its amazing work in creating an interplay between food, culture and nature of Nordic origin. And the restaurant is not the only one that successfully challenges the famous Nordic cuisine. To a much greater extent than before, Greenlandic restaurants are using local ingredients in their dishes and the demands for Greenlandic specialities are widespread among the guests.

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