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SEGES in Denmark reported U-motion® is useful for detecting heat in cow and getting pregnant cows. A Test of AI Driven Cattle Behavior Monitoring System U-motion® has been completed in Denmark.

SEGES is providing Danish farmers with the best possible solutions for running more profitable and competitive business while taking into account the environment and animal welfare.

One of SEGES’s programs is the FarmTest, which consists in testing and supporting the introduction test of new technologies and methods, so that farmers can quickly adopt the most cutting-edge equipment.

SEGES jointly conducted a FarmTest together with Desamis and NTT-TX in Denmark in December 2019 to verify the effectiveness of U-motion® for heat and disease alerts. The one-year FarmTest was completed in December 2020, and SEGES reported that the functional accuracy of the U-motion® met certain quality standards.

For more information, click the link to the PDF document.