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Mandatory online application for Schengen visa


ApplyVisa is an online visa self service website. It is mandatory to apply online before appearing in person at the Embassy in Tokyo to submit documentation and have biometric data recorded. It is not possible to apply with a paper application form.

The ApplyVisa website is found at this address:

(Please note: Visa Self Service has changed to ApplyVisa from 1 July 2019. Applicants can only use ApplyVisa after 1 July 2019.)

Before you apply online, please make sure you have checked all relevant information about how to apply and which documentation is needed, as well as how to make an appointment. Begin your visa application by following the instructions on the website of the Denmark visa application centre.

How to apply online:

Please see FAQ notes below the list.

  1. Register a user profile on the website.
  2. Log in to the ApplyVisa website.
  3. Fill out the necessary data (see detail notes below).
  4. Pay the visa fee by credit card online.
  5. Submit the online application.   
  6. Print the cover letter from the website and sign it. Application is not possible without the printed and signed cover letter.
  7. Make an appointment with the visa application centre.
  8. The signed cover letter must be submitted to the visa appliation centre along with the necessary documentation listed on the website of the visa application centre.


Point 2, ApplyVisa login:

The Embassy and the visa application centre cannot assist you with technical errors in the ApplyVisa website. Are you experiencing technical problems, you can contact support via 'Contact' in the left menu when you are logged in.

Point 3, necessary data:

When you fill out the online application form, do not use the category "Other" for the purpose of your visit or for your occupation. Use the main categories which best match your travel purpose and your occupation. For example, participation in conferences and non-commercial meetings belong to the travel purpose category "Business".

Point 4, visa fee:

When you apply online on the ApplyVisa website, you have to pay the fee by credit card. Please note that there is also a service fee which you must pay in cash at the visa application centre. Please see the visa application centre website.

Special categories of applicants free of charge: A few special categories of applicants are free of charge or entitled to a reduced fee. However, all applicants must reserve an amount of 60 Euro on their account by use of a credit card even if they are fee exempt or should only pay the reduced fee of 35 Euro.

The amount is only reserved on the account and will not be deducted until the Danish mission starts handling the case. If an applicant is fee exempt, no money will be deducted. If the applicant should pay the reduced fee, only 35 Euro of the reserved amount will be deducted.  

Rules about fee exemption and reduced fees can be found in the Visa Code Handbook, which contains the common visa guidelines for all Schengen countries.

Please note that applicants who are family members of EU citizens, who are exercising their rights to free movement within the EU under Directive 2004/38/EC, are also fee exempt. Please be aware that in order to be fee exempt in this regard, it is not sufficient to be a family member of an EU citizen. The EU citizen must be exercising their right to free movement under Directive 2004/38/EC. This, in principle, means that the EU citizen must have moved to another Schengen country in order to work. Please consult the Visa Code Handbook for details.

Point 6, cover letter:

The visa application centre does not have access to your cover letter and cannot print it for you. If you forgot to bring it, the visa application centre cannot refuse to receive your application but your application will be rejected by the Embassy.