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Payment information

Fees for Other Services

For other types of services than visa and residence permit (for example passports, certificates or driver's licenses), the Embassy only accepts bank payments. Fee rates are informed by email upon request to Bank transfer must be made in advance and a receipt presented at the day of application at the Embassy. No other forms of payment to the Embassy are accepted, including cash, checks, credit cards and mobile pay.

Bank payment cannot be used for visa or residence permit applications.


Embassy bank information (English):

Bank name: Mitsubishi UFJ
Bank address: 1-15-21 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, 150-0002 Tokyo
Branch name: Shibuya-Meijidori
Branch code: 470
Account type: Futsu
Account number: 3263661
Account name: デンマークタイシカン (DENMAーKUTAISHIKAN)


Embassy bank information (Japanese):

銀行: Mitsubishi UFJ
住所: 東京都渋谷区渋谷1−15−21
支店: 渋谷明治通支店
支店番号: 470
名前: デンマークタイシカン


Consular inquiries and apponitments

Personal appearance at the Embassy only by
confirmed prior appointment.

Consular inquiries and appointments for
passport and certificates only by email


Appointment for visa and residence permit by direct contact to the Denmark Visa Application
Center operated by VFS: