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Food and Agriculture

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デンマークのもう一つの強みは、食品の加工と価値の付加です。デンマークには世界的に名の通った食品メーカーがいくつもあり、毎年国内で屠殺される豚は 1,870万匹、加工される牛乳は約510万トンにのぼります。

このように、食品・農業セクターはデンマークの主要産業の一つであり、従事者数は16万 9,000人以上、GDP構成比は2.9%となっています。年間の総生産高は推定2,160億デンマーク・クローネ(以下クローネ、約4兆 2,000億円)、主な内訳は豚(27.8%)、穀物(16.5%)、乳製品(15.4%)です。





Denmark is well known for the strength of its agricultural sector and the high quality food that it produces. Behind this are some of the world’s strictest food safety and veterinary standards that enable Denmark to export food and agricultural products to more than 180 countries around the world.

Historically, the Danish food and agricultural sector has its roots in the Danish cooperative movement, which has helped strengthen the sector and made it possible to make continual efficiency improvements and improvements to the quality of the products made.

Today 2.6 million hectares of land is cultivated for agricultural production, corresponding to 61 % of the total Danish land area. Over the last decades, the Danish agricultural production has expanded rapidly through a combination of structural reforms and a continuous focus on research and innovation.
Another key Danish strength is in the processing and value-adding of food products, and several Danish food manufactures are well known operators in the global food industry.

Each year, Danish food manufacturers produce close to 2 million tons of pig meat and process 5.3 million tons of milk.

As a result, the food and agricultural sector is one of the largest Danish industries, employing more than 172,000 people. The total annual production value is mainly derived from the production of pigs, grains and dairy products.

The Danish food and agricultural sector's export worldwide is worth 152 billion DKK (equivalent to 2,7 trillion JPY), making the food and agricultural sector one of Denmark’s most important export sectors. Japan is Denmark’s 8th largest export market for food and agricultural products. In 2016, the Danish food and agricultural exports to Japan totalled 95 billion JPY, corresponding to 46.4% of the total Danish exports to Japan. Of this, the export of pig meat alone accounted for 73% of the Danish food exports to Japan, reflecting that within the food and agricultural sector, pig meat is the single largest Danish export commodity to Japan.

Today however, Denmark is also world renowned as the home of many of the world’s leading chefs and restaurants, and for its position at the forefront of the New Nordic Food movement. This has initiated a wave of innovation throughout the Danish food industry, with many of the unique artisanal food producers now attracting global attention for their high-end gourmet products.

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