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Agribusiness and Food Processing

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Another cornerstone in the continual development of the Danish agricultural sector is the role of the Danish agribusiness industry that is continually helping to improve production efficiencies through the development of state-of-the-art equipment and production inputs.

From this, Denmark has become a world leader in the development and supply of production inputs ranging from feed, genetic material and stable equipment optimised towards veterinary safety and animal welfare to specialised farming equipment and machinery aimed at achieving sustainability, efficiency and high outputs.

Parallel to this, the food ingredient industry has developed to become one of the fastest rising new industries in Denmark, and Denmark is today considered a world leader in the production of innovative ingredients and enzymes for the food industry.

Adding to this, the Danish food processing industry provides state-of-the art hygiene and efficiency solution to ensure that Danish food products are safe and of a very high quality.

Consequently, the Danish agribusiness, food ingredients and food processing industries have become major exporters. These industries increasingly export to distant markets, and particularly Japan and China are fast becoming new important markets for these sectors.

SEGES, which is part of the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, aims to provide Danish farmers with the best possible tools for running their businesses more profitably and in the way that take account of the environment and animal welfare. SEGES covers all aspects of farming and farm management - from crop production, the environment, livestock farming and organic production to finance, tax legislation, IT architecture, accounting, HR, training and conservation.

Another strong trade organisation for companies in the agricultural sector is Danish Agro Industry. This is especially aimed at companies supplying machines and equipment for the Danish agricultural industry. It has almost 100 members, specializing in the production of machinery for agriculture and the food industry, livestock housing equipment, slurry and crop handling equipment and bioenergy.

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