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Trade Council Services

Here you can read more about our service offerings

The Trade Council in Japan offers a broad portfolio of services to assist you on your journey in Japan. The services include market analysis, export promotion, public affairs, innovation, marketing, trade policy and investment promotion and more. We are happy to prepare individual offers depending on the needs and wishes of your company. Below you can get an idea of which elements such an offer could consist of.

Specific tasks are usually carried out on an hourly basis. In the case of larger consultation projects, a separate contract on the total costs will be proposed. Our policy is that the client accepts the contract before we start working on the project. Small and medium-sized enterprises with up to 50 employees and a turnover of up to DKK 50 million can apply for support through the Export Start-up Programme. Furthermore, within the Ministry of Foreign Affairs there exists several other programme and funds to help cover export promotion programmes. Especially within green transformation, there are several opportunities.

Consultation services
We offer consulting to businesses in the start-up phase as well as in the expansion of existing exports in Japan and can thus act as a sparring partner for your specific journey in Japan.  
In addition, we can conduct market research for your specific product, which includes obtaining information on competing companies, legislation, trends and the like. We offer a wide range of background information research on the Japanese market and can provide advice on regulatory issues.

Our assistance is based on the extensive knowledge and experience of the Trade Council team in Tokyo. Our commercial officers can advise based on knowledge of and contacts with Japanese market, its consumers and importers. These contacts and relationships can be difficult to establish as an outsider due to cultural, linguistic and geographical distances.
Our services are tailored offer to match the specific needs of your business and we will accordingly estimate a number of weekly or monthly hours for the project. The advisor will then maintain close contact with the Japanese stakeholder on behalf of your business. This could e.g. take the form of weekly meetings with the Japanese partner. Furthermore, through close collaboration, we are able to leverage knowledge and input from the other departments as e.g. politic and public diplomacy of the Embassy.

We also provide assistance in relation to arrangement of business and network trips to Japan.

Read more about how we specifically can consult you in the sections below.

Global Public Affairs

Your company may have problems or questions related to local legislation, tax regulations or customs barriers. Through commercial knowledge, networking and political insight, the Trade Council can influence key decision-making processes in the Japanese market. The Trade Council helps establishing contacts with Japanese political stakeholders, authorities and potential new business partners.

Our Global Public Affairs services are your gateway to decision-makers in Japan.

Local collaborator and distributor search

We can assist you find the ideal distributor or partner for your business in Japan and arrange meetings with potential customers.

Export promotion

We can arrange product presentations at conferences and trade fairs, and we organise and plan tailored programmes for company visits in both Japan and Denmark.

We can act as a representative for your company in Japan and work to keep close contact with your Japanese agent or importer. This includes visiting your company's customers, either alone or together with your Japanese business partner. In addition, we can contact Japanese authorities on behalf of your company and we are ready to resolve any problems and misunderstandings due to communication and culture differences.

Read more about export services on the general Trade Council website here: Trade Council Export Services

General market research

We carry out market research tailored to your company's wishes and needs, for example:

  • Analysis of political and economic trends
  • New business opportunities
  • New rules and legislation
  • Monitoring of competitors

Events at the Embassy

It is possible to arrange events at the Embassy, using the Ambassador's residence for receptions and dinners hosted by the Ambassador.
Please contact the Embassy for further information and specific requests.  

Incubator scheme

Do you need an address in Tokyo?
The incubator allows Danish companies to explore export opportunities in the Japanese market in a simple and cost-effective way.

Through the incubator, Danish businesses can get a local address to start business in Tokyo by utilizing the location of the Royal Danish Embassy in Tokyo. By joining the programme, your company can be present in Japan and explore the market without wasting time about practical matters related to company establishment. 

The scheme offers Danish companies to rent an address to start business in Japan, Tokyo. By joining such a scheme, you will be able to be virtually present in Japan and explore the market without having to think about practical matters.

Benefits of the incubator scheme:

  • Access to an address in Tokyo – in Shibuya ward, a well-known tech start-up area
  • Own telephone line with own number to be forwarded to e.g. a mobile phone in Japan
  • Access to the Embassy's meeting rooms and storage rooms
  • The Trade Council advisors can provide advice by additional payment
  • ... and more!

Legal or tax advice is not provided, but the Trade Council advisors can help establish contact with relevant law and audit firms.

What does it cost?

The price for using the incubator scheme varies depending on which solution you choose. Therefore, contact the Embassy to get an offer.

Use the Embassy's expertise and network

Using the incubator scheme gives you a unique opportunity to take advantage of Embassy's Commercial Officers - 98% of their customers expressed that they delivered "Decisive" or "Major Value". 

For further information and preparation of offers, contact The Trade Council in Tokyo:

Royal Danish Embassy, Japan

29-6, Sarugaku-cho

Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0033

E-mail: (Dinna Aamand Hansen, Head of Commercial Department)

Phone: +81 (0) 90 2499 4682

Among the companies that have used the incubator are:

Danish Crown, Secomea, Bang & Olufsen, Ambu, Vikan, Scandinavia Living, TYTEX, Cryptera, Assemble, Agnitio, Kompan, Danrun Windservice, Imbox Protection & FrontDesk.


Business culture - Crash course

If you are planning a business trip to Japan, consider stopping by the embassy in Tokyo for a crash course in Japanese business culture.

The crash course in Japanese business culture is aimed at Danish companies that wish to work professionally in the Japanese market and want to be equipped to meet the Japanese and avoid making the most basic mistakes.

Japanese customs can often seem foreign and illogical to a Dane. A lack of insight into the culture and customs can at best create embarrassing situations and at worst lead to misunderstandings and failed deals. Therefore, an understanding of the unwritten rules and norms that characterize Japanese business culture is essential to succeed in the Japanese business world.

Thus, the first business trip to Japan would be ideal to start with a 2-hour course at the embassy here in Tokyo. There will be good opportunities to ask questions during the course.

Price per course: 3,000 DKK.

If your company is interested in participating in this course, please send an email to [email protected] with the following information: name of participants, name of company, desired date, contact information. In the email subject line, please write: "Course in Business Culture".

Interested in hearing more?

Please reach out to the Head of Trade in Tokyo – Dinna Aamand Hansen ([email protected])

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