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The Danish Embassy does not offer legalisation of documents or translations , regardless which country has issued the document. (Legalisation is sometimes also called Apostille stamp, authorisation, or certification of documents).

The Embassy is not able to offer further guidance about legalisation than what can be found in this chapter. If applicants have further questions, they must contact the relevant authorities mentioned below.

Documents issued by Japan
If a document is issued by a Japanese authority, the Japanese procedures for legalisation must be followed. In Japan, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs offers legalisation of original documents, while public notaries offer legalisation of tranlations. Further information is found on the website of the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Documents issued by Denmark
If a document is issued by a Danish authority, the Danish procedures for notarization or legalisation must be followed. Information about legalisation and verification of documents, as well as translations can be found on the webpages of the Legalisation Office of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Authorised translations
Japan does not have a system of state-authorized translators. If a Danish authority requests an "authorized translation" of a document issued by Japan, please follow the instructions provided by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs  how to obtain a legalised translation. Public notaries may have different requirements about who can make the translation. Applicants must ask the individual public notary to find out their requirements for the translator.

Both Denmark and Japan are signatories to the Hague Convention named "Convention Abolishing the Requirement of Legalisation for Foreign Public Documents", also known as the "Apostille convention". Both in Japan and in Denmark, Apostille stamp is therefore the standard type of legalisation of documents. Further information can be found in the links above.

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